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Step Outside

Have an awe-some summer

What’s one thing you hope the young people in your life do this summer?


I recently asked a version of this question to the grandfather of one of my students. 


Without hesitation, he leaned forward and said with conviction, “I’d say, get off those screens!” 

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Why you don’t learn from failure
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Evidence-based ways to help children thrive. Check out our new Judgment and Decision Making Playbooks!

Decision Making Playbook

Choosing wisely

Judgment Playbook

Getting as close as possible to the best answer

Grit Playbook

Passion and perseverance for long-term goals

Gratitude Playbook

Appreciating what you’ve been given

Self-Control Playbook

Doing what’s best despite short-term temptations

Curiosity Playbook

Wanting to know more