2017 Highlights

  • Dr. John B. King Jr. speaks about the need to replace exclusionary discipline methods with more equitable and effective techniques that will meaningfully support children while combating the opportunity gap that exists today.

  • David Brooks speaks about aspects of character building that are crucial for students' academic and personal growth.

  • Dr. David Dinges discusses the importance of sleep hygiene for both children and adults, and how vital adequate sleep is for the well being of both students and teachers.

  • Dr. Angela Duckworth speaks about grit, deliberate practice and other key factors in enabling students to reach their full potential as they develop academically.

  • Dr. Greg Walton discusses his research on questions of belonging, and how a sense of belonging is critical for each student as they develop academically and personally.

  • Dr. Anders Ericsson joins a panel discussion with Lincoln High School teacher Anthony Yom, who led his former student Cedrick Argueta to achieve a perfect score on the AP Calculus Exam in 2016. The panel is moderated by David Coleman, President of the College Board. Together, they discuss the classroom mentality and techniques that led to success on the exam. In addition, they reflect upon broader practices that lead to the achievement of rigorous academic goals over time.

2016 Highlights

  • Dr. Anders Ericsson discusses the importance of thoughtfully fostering grit in young children as they grow and develop in life.

  • Jane Golden discusses the power of art to impact social change and empower children to see their true potential in life.

  • Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang discusses the intricate relationship that exists between emotions and learning.

  • Dr. Robert Sternberg discusses the importance of teaching children creative problem solving skills.

  • Dr. Susan Engel discusses the importance of fostering curiosity in children.

  • Dr. Martin Seligman discusses the benefits of incorporating Positive Psychology into the classroom.

  • Dr. Jane Gillham highlights how to build non-cognitive traits with K-12 students.

  • Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman encourages teachers to teach students to think differently, be passionate, take risks, and utilize their imagination.

  • Dr. Angela Duckworth discusses the difference between talent and effort and how to build grit in students.

  • Bob Mankoff talks about the need for humor in the classroom.