The single greatest obstacle to supporting character development in adolescents is the gap between researchers and schools.

We have developed Virtual Character Lab to connect you to cutting-edge scientists.
Now, regardless of physical location, every school has the opportunity to
benefit from character development research.

General Questions

  • What is the timeline for the selection process? When would my school begin conducting research?

    We will accept applications on a rolling basis, so there is no specific application deadline. Once initial applications are reviewed by the Character Lab leadership team, applicants will be notified of their status. If selected, Character Lab and the Virtual Character Lab partner will sign a formal MoU outlining the details of the partnership. Virtual Character Lab partners will begin conducting school-based research by Fall 2017.

  • How does parental consent work for research performed on my campus?

    When research is performed on your campus, an opt-out parental consent form will be sent home at least 2 weeks before the first intervention session. If a parent/guardian does not want their child to participate in research throughout the year, they can return the form to the school indicating that they do not want their child to participate in this research study/program. They can also opt the student out via a link included in the form. If the form is not returned and the parent/guardian does complete the online opt out, students will automatically be enrolled in the study. A designated staff member at your school will need to collect these opt-out consent forms and return them to Character Lab so the students can be removed from the study.

  • How do you ensure student privacy is protected?

    All data collected in our research studies will be considered confidential. Character Lab researchers will only be given access to de-identified student data. Data that is collected will be stored by our third-party provider, Qualtrics, in their secured and widely-trusted server.

  • How many research activities will my school be asked to participate in during the school year?

    The number of research activities can vary for several reasons. Regardless of the number of activities your school participates in, the time your students and staff spend participating will not exceed 10 hours per year (roughly 1 hour per month throughout the school year).

  • How long will each intervention or activity take?

    Generally speaking, all activities and interventions are designed to be completed within a single class period (30 minutes or fewer per activity).

  • Is there an agreement or MoU for Virtual Character Lab? If so, what does it entail?

    Formal partnership requires a MoU signed by both Character Lab and the school partner. In addition to the school responsibilities listed in the School Leader’s Commitment, the MoU also outlines the purpose, the responsibilities of Character Lab and the duration of the agreement. Click here for a sample MoU.

  • After my students participate in a research study, will my school receive a report of the data?

    All partner schools will receive school-level student usage reports that include activity summaries, graphics and comparative data periodically throughout the school year. In addition, partners will receive a final, end of year report summarizing activity for entire school year.